Book Description

WE WANT TO BE GOOD WIVES, but what happens when our best efforts…aren’t enough?

With a fresh look at Scripture’s most infamous passage on love, author Sarah Fairchild unpacks the pretty cliches to reveal power-packed truths.

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  • Love is patient, but how do we choose
    patience in the middle of a meltdown?
  • Love is kind, but where do we draw the line
    before our hearts become doormats?
  • Love never fails…but husbands and wives do! What then?

Every Wife’s Choice explores answers to these questions and more. Whether you’re seeking to save a broken marriage or simply reinforce an already strong bond, this bold approach to bible study promises practical application for real life loving beyond the mood of the moment.

NOW FEATURING built-in bible study guide for digging deeper at a personal level or facilitating group discussion without the cost of an additional workbook!


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